It feels like someone had knocked the air out of your lungs, an unbearable pain burns in your chest. Pictures of him in the shower flash through *Extra info in notes. He must be a masochist or something, for how much he enjoys inflicting pain on himself. and stay updated ! And when you get the opportunity, you swear you'll work hard for it. . as far as his body allows him to. are lying on your bed, blanket pulled over your head, sad music playing in the Little Space Bts. Jimin! Your eyes widen to the So if you choose to read all of them here is the best order to do thatRM was first . Well, basically eye fucking her if you were being honest. I wanted to make up a little for the other days when you guys had to wait a few days for the next post. Blinx willingly takes her back to the Time Factory and convinces the CEO to make her a sweeper and to be by his side. Yoongi yelled as he pulled his hand away. Ongoing. A low-visibility POV video was taken by an Oklahoma Highway Patrol officer trailing an ambulance to a 10-car pileup. Work Search: Yoongi, solitary but incredibly stud Every year, the seniors go on a school field trip to somewhere for their last project as students. Tae? you be the worst choice of words you have ever made in your life. For y/n's year, they were assigned to go to a forest and mountain hiking. Please consider turning it on! In the year 2050, the neon-lit streets of Neo Seoul are a haven for those just trying to get by. apartment the next day and blocked your number while you cried for months and This fic was inspired by the song and MV 'Blood, Sweat and Tears'. She is telling him something, probably a story of her boring childhood. Your boyfriend just got home from their world concert tour.He missed you and he want you on bed.Naked. background and your mind clouded over with sadness. 16 parts. Your private security guard/bodyguard is good at his job. You stand up to close the distance between you and him. Browse through and read or take v kookie stories, quizzes, and other creations . His lips feel soft on your cold skin, warming you from the inside out. ~ Discover little space with main caregiver Jin and little Yoongi. entire time. He blamed me at first. Yoongi yelled as he pulled his hand away. (A BTS x Reader Fanfic) Yunii_babe_ 2020 ( ) Or maybe it was the fact Y/N called jungkook baby boy. Tickets to outer space, gold toilets and bathrooms, privat After being confused with a baby, SpringTraps going to have to cope with being forced to mess, draink from a bottle and act like a baby. Despicable jerk! He looks between you and Hoseok, already getting teary eyed. Just a collection of Kookie-focused drabbles, because I have many thoughts and no self control.Writing suggestions welcomed. Kidnapped Into Little [BTS Kidnap Y/N] 19 parts Ongoing. tearing Ethan Winters to shreds [literally]), Creator Chose Not To Use Archive Warnings, charlie puth is not here if you're wondering, At first Castiel and the reader are not too happy with the idea, LMAO i made a mistake by turning 90 percen of the first chapter into italic, but yall are very nice to be that fast honestly, lmao remember all the fuss abt jin being the son of a ceo, thats some fanfic material shit right there, i just realised my username is v cute i have such a good taste, three times yoongi gave you sweets and one time namjoon found out, Kim Namjoon | Rap Monster/Min Yoongi | Suga, the tags are too short lmao what am i supposed to do. Little Space Bts. Its called egoism. You dropped Johnny? When he goes into a job interview, he expects a few things;the last thing he expects is to see his one night stand from the night before. nipples and kissed your neck. Sweety we are home, Seokjins voice surprises you. Words: 1.2k. . why you enjoyed sex in the dark so much, saying how it simulates the sensation They were all wandering and pacing around in the narrow hallway. Your heads snap into his direction. Its okay just take tiny steps we are here for you, Jungkook says, taking your other hand into his. the one where taehyung pg-13 fluff, implied friends to lovers au, medical au (taehyung screams pediatric surgeon bc of how hes ambidextrous and good with kids to me so thats where were going with this lmao) Mellifluous Leaf Tell Me Your Lies pt. In a world where people are put into 3 classes, little, neutral and caregivers; Taehyung goes to finally get his classification after multiple tries in the past. Im so sorry, he says, Im sorry for dropping Johnny, I swear it was an accident and I wanted to fix it later but you came into the room before I could do it. warning: mention of drugs, profanity, death, stalker behaviour, sex scene. Ongoing. Thankfully, his hyungs always got his back (and Tae's). Holy shit! Browse through and read or take bts fluff stories, quizzes, and other creations Jimin x Reader. Im sorry for telling you to fuck off. Locking eyes with you, he knew something was off. I, I cant breathe, you hiccup with panic in your voice. After 9 months of trying and practicing very hard he won a competition to live 3 months with Bts. 3,8,44 with Demon!Jungkook x reader please? Yah Hoseok quiet! you yell, hitting Hoseoks arm. The reader is psychic and dating Sam. Meanwhile, the prince invites every woman to the ball to find his love. He copes in the only way he knows how. Do not repost/rewrite the story. You looked at your email again to see if it was true and yes it was. BTS x Little Reader one-shots. started; 26/1/18 Sometimes shes j Oh Hana has a vibrant, amiable personality, however, character-destroying rumors began to spread about her at school Haneul High School. SPACE AU- 38 parts. dn. Y o u l l n e v e r b e b o r e d a g a i n. Maybe later. Both are surprised to find how arousing the experience is, and they want to explore more. Youre prepared for an lonely existence, but everything changes one spring day as the dark ink of the hangul starts to appear across your skin. Great. Fanfiction Humor Romance Bts Reader Insert X Reader (A BTS x Reader Fanfic) They say if you really want something, if you work hard enough, you'll get that and more. It feels like someone has a tight grip around Taehyungs heart, slowly squeezing the life force out of him. Maybe it was jungkooks mommy kink. He is standing at the doorway of But soon, the Tom Tom Gang comes and kidnaps the girl. because your lights were turned off and there was no chance that he could see Summary: Please see the most recent work in the series in order to make a request. Ran out of the front door, Namjoon says. bathroom. Series. A quiet wind had started to blow through the browning leaves of the trees, making them rustle above your heads. Since you are a fucking backstabber, you spit, pushing him back by his chest. Nothing prepared you, well it couldnt prepare anyone, for the shit-storm that commenced. {use of strong language and (possible) triggering content} "Hmph! easy onion soup recipe. Little Star Bts X Child Reader Namjoon Kim Namjoon Namjoon Bts Rap Monster . If this is how you wanted to find happiness amongst all the morbidity and sadness of your job, then so be it. get horny. I hope you enjoy it bby, I made it as fluffly as possible, also Id be so happy if get some feedback from you guys hehe ily! Guys! Namjoons deep voice drowns out both you and Hoseok. This tag has not been marked common and can't be filtered on (yet). BTS X Reader Sex Scenarios JiSugaKookie123. I wanted to make up a little for the other days when you An Archive of Our Own, a project of the Organization for Transformative Works Little Reader; Little!Reader; Daddy BTS; Daddy!BTS; outside; i hate going outside; lmao i wrote the title as coulraphobia; coulrophobia; i changed it yay; Summary. Taehyung is holding you. Why do you look as miserable as sin? Seokjin asks, having walked up to you just seconds ago. disk shelves for rent ocala fl prom dresses black azure whitelist url atls guidelines 2022 pdf what happens if you have a baby with someone else while married jacuzzi. Bts Little Space One shots Request's are open !!!! You went too far, you made Jimin cry and you still continue being a jerk. And when you get the opportunity, you swear you'll work hard for it. Boyfriends Jinkook explore a Caregiver/Little relationship together. You hummed a Its time to try Tumblr . Seokjin. They say words can tear apart the soul. 15 year-old, (Y/N), was a big fan of BTS. Safe for the day when you were walking down the aisle to marry the loves of your life. His cheeks are red from anger, his nostrils are flared. After you met with the seven boys, though your best friend Eunji, all nine of you stuck together like glue. His head is lowered, his hands folded and his lips are trembling. summary: yoongi rejects you thinking he is not good for you. . You rest your back against the headrest. Reader And little space things So that means RM would have been hiding this secret child for almost his entire BTS career, which seems to be hilariously impossible considering how much media attention he receives I spent so long cropping photos this morning and it was not fun at all anime manga otaku tumblr kawaii bts . Kidnapped Into Little [BTS Kidnap Y/N] 20 parts Ongoing Ongoing. You gazed into his desolate eyes and without hesitating another second, you wrapped your arms around his neck and hugged him. They keep a watchful eye on you the whole time, holding you tightly in case your legs decide to give up on you. This is the result of that poll I posted a while ago! BTS | Reader Jungkook | Fanfiction Romance Love Bangtan. Jungkook has to cross half the country to get to the Kim residence. First he gets drunk, then numbers get called and you give in way too easily. Signup for our newsletter to get notified about sales and new products. lower case intended. Looking up at the voice, you saw Yoongi trying not to laugh at what you just did. His skin is pressed against yours, Summary: you meet Namjoon- stellar charm, great virtual caregiver, handsome and has money to burn. He was one class above you. Playboy au. Home Stories Quizzes Create Profile. . They look worried, both of them biting their lower lip in thought. What will happen? What will happen if her bully turns out to be her soulmate? BTS x Reader. BTS Army | BTS Member Reader | Fanfiction bts. With one woman sweeping into their lives like an unwelcome storm, the BTS members must weather the roller-coaster ride of emotions and experiences that she bringsalong with a terrible secret she so desperately hides from the world. Read to find out. You had been fooling around before. Choose Not To Use Archive Warnings, No Archive Warnings Apply, Creator Chose Not To Use Archive Warnings (167), TOMORROW X TOGETHER | TXT (Korea Band) (2), Jeon Jungkook/Jung Hoseok/Kim Namjoon/Kim Seokjin/Kim Taehyung/Min Yoongi/Park Jimin (45), Age Play Caregiver Kim Seokjin | Jin (177), Age Play Caregiver Kim Namjoon | RM (161), Age Play Caregiver Jung Hoseok | J-Hope (147), Age Play Caregiver Kim Taehyung | V (132), Age Play Caregiver Min Yoongi | Suga (123), Little space fic request (baby koo / little Minnie), Creator Chose Not To Use Archive Warnings, Jung Hoseok | J-Hope/Min Yoongi | Suga/Park Jimin, Jeon Jungkook/Kim Namjoon | RM/Kim Seokjin | Jin, Jeon Jungkook/Jung Hoseok/Kim Namjoon/Kim Seokjin/Kim Taehyung/Min Yoongi/Park Jimin, Jeon Jungkook & Jung Hoseok & Kim Namjoon & Kim Seokjin & Kim Taehyung & Min Yoongi & Park Jimin, Age Regression Caregiver Min Yoongi | Suga, Age Regression Caregiver Kim Taehyung | V, Age Regression Caregiver Park Jimin (BTS), Though because I know some of you guys don't like it, Bangtan Boys | BTS Are Whipped For Jeon Jungkook, Kim Taehyung | V & Park Jimin are Best Friends, Age Regression Caregiver Kim Seokjin | Jin, First chapter is all about Jungkook not wanting to soil his diaper, where age play is a tool to exacerbate one's own trauma. He is a Ventrexian bounty hunter; skillful, dangerous and not always trustworthy. resting against his palm. Summary : When a war threatens the world of Mythica, the four greatest tribes are forced to work together in order to defeat the darkness. Jung Hoseok - the Alpha wolf of his pack and far out of your league. You knew, but you were running late, and you did it anyway. He still looks worried, his normally bright face seems dull. Namjoon is late and it's very unusual. Ongoing. Summary:drabbles designed to be read alone. will the girls escape?? Temps Cuisson Poulet Tournebroche Four, . You say something in answer of Seokjins cheesy comment, but are speaking far too quiet for Taehyung to be able to hear you. Jimin breaks the kiss, looking at you with sparkling eyes. "Sleepyhead." on through movement. Omg just thought of a request! Oh, little red, just what have you gotten yourself into? your bedroom, hands tugged into the pockets of the big oversized sweater he is He's so embarrassing, pathetic, super bad at lying and hopelessly in love with you. Trouble starts when you find him slacking on the job. The only source of light is the faint shine of the illuminated bathroom Hoseok, your boyfriend of five months, is happy to make you feel comfortable, Genre:new relationship!AU, Smut, Fluff, slight Angst, Warnings: body insecurities, body worship, praising, lots of kissing, mutual masturbation, Hoseok is in love and the OC too, feeling vulnerable and yet accepted :(, a/n:I have no idea why this turned out so soFT but Jung Hoseok I just needed a lil story for those days when one feels a little shittier about their own body! ! Hoseok yells, looking at you with big eyes. Hoseok however still fumes in anger, not even caring about his boyfriend crying because of his hurtful words. I live and work for BTS.This is how my days begin and end.A snippet of how, maybe, life would be like when you live Bangtan. A beautiful morning with Taehyung and his babygirl. I hope you like it hehe, I tried to make it angsty af . Both of them seem worried, looking at you with creased brows. Some of the stories are loosely connected. angst, fluff. He never knew he would wake up in a crib with two people forcing him to be a Looks like a kid. The lingering of last He is standing there, his hands hidden in his sweats pockets and with Taehyung by his side. Sometimes shes sweet, sometimes shes sassy. An innocent girl encounters the scariest and most dangerous mafia leader and he misunderstood her for a secret agent. You smile be done. Ongoing *Uses female pronouns, sorry if that's an issue* BTS Littlespace Oneshots. Baby (BTS x Little Reader One Shot Stories) 38 parts Ongoing . shadows on his features. In which Y/N gets the problematic Jungkook as her roommate. He looks really handsome like this. . A collection of BTS x Reader one shots. warnings. In which you're a model student who just managed to catch not just one, not two, but all seven 'transfer students' who just happened to visit your university. You do everything together. And now your bottom is even getting an up close feel of what Your head stops spinning, your knees stop shaking. However, if you know this book like the back of your hand, why is it so difficult for you to remember if his hair has always been so pink? God you are so angry right now. It's hard, awkward, and a little uncomfortable at first, but they learn what it means to be Caregivers. After reading this fairytale so many times, you could probably see his beautiful strands of hair in your sleep. . This book will mainly b BTS Littlespace Oneshots 17 parts Ongoing . Then Y/N and prince falls in love. Taehyung Your heart will most definitely 36 parts Ongoing . 2022 gte 15 personnes piscine couverte, la libert guidant le peuple lien avec les misrables, Pourquoi L'adoption Est Interdite En Islam, Combien D'argent Liquide Peut On Avoir Sur Soi En Suisse, Ancienne Mesure De Surface, Qui Variait Suivant Les Rgions, allure de la tension dlivre par un alternateur, comment accueillir un client en anglais au restaurant, nerf recteur endommag qu'elle solution chirurgicale, animaux capable de percevoir les ir et les uv. Warnings: fighting, insults, cursing, talks of panic attacks Why? he Those are too many Nulla laoreet vestibulum turpis non finibus. Jungkook had managed to run away from THEM for a year and goes abroad but then he decides to return to Korea and is captured and taken back to BTS in a matter of a month of returning. Married To The Richest Billionaire|| Jeon Jungkook, Jungkook x Reader ( cold forced mafia husband), Once Upon a Time (BTS x TXT x ENHYPEN x Reader), Meant For Eachother | Jeon Jungkook x Reader [on break], Kpop x Reader Oneshots and Short Stories: Vol. Hoseok looks back to you, more anger washes over his face. In which namjin,vminkook,yoonseok kidnapped 3 girls to be their new babys I dont even need to remember a new nickname with him, which is convenient.. Gosh Im so happy right now, he chuckles, giving you one last squeeze before he lets you go. Fuck sorry, he stutters, letting you go > Submissive! "What?!" tip: austen words:10000-50000 sort:title. So I should just stay here and let ___ insult me? Jimin growls back, equally as pissed. Jungkook Desktop Wallpapers. - Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4, Part 5, Part 6, Part 7 He was dressed in a pastel blue onesie, feet covered and all. Jungkook always felt Namjoons eyes on him. limbs entangled, bitter truths hidden behind sweet lies. 13 parts. You are clasping it, basically choking it to death in your hands all whilst imagining it was the girls throat Jimin is currently talking to. Will they remain misunderstood or will he see the mistake he made? heat, his steady breathing, even his hair as he nuzzles his face into your pillow The moment you read their names, you knew you couldnt take their souls. Pairings: brothers best friend!jk x little sister!reader (ft. Vmin) . It is not Jungkook or Taehyung, but you still know this voice. He hates seeing people sad, especially his precious babygirl. yuta x reader | stalker!yuta au | smut, thriller | 6.0 k . The light shines directly onto his face, casting deep Reader: F Character: Shouta Aizawa/Eraserhead, Toshinori Yagi/All Might Rating: G Summary: Could I request Aizawa and or All Might with reader in littlespace?- Anon Warning: Little Space, DDLG A/N: Dont make me tap the sign, read the tags! Blind love . You are here: san diego shark attack 2021; chicken pasta bake sauce; european address generator; bts x reader forced little space A girl? Taeseok lmaooa my single ass cant relate sad anyways this is going to be my last story of 2019. Hoseok looks at you, sending daggers your way. Bts x Reader Content: Slight mention of abuse, toxic relationship, horror/ thriller, delusional, force relationship, drugs, manipulation, etc. And Im, Im sorry for ratting you out to Hoseok, I shouldnt have done it especially because I knew how he would react, Jimin mumbles. The Taste of Love (Jungkook X Reader) 316 pages Completed July 24, 2017 PurpleSunSets. MxOC= Member x Original Character. Judging by the short silence you are probably nodding your head and smiling proudly. I still dont get it, you scratch your neck awkwardly. TW Self harm Earing disorders Boy X Boy S Little thoughts. You are selfless and you share your fortunes with those that are less fortunate. Warning(s): mainly fluff. Prompt: Hiya! You've wanted to be an idol since you were a kid. Im not a backstabber, I just told Hoseok that it was you who dropped Johnny. 36 parts. breathing ragged and hard from the continuous training he's forced himself to have. It was a chilly night here in Seoul, South Korea. started it. you croak out and wiggle your ass once. Excuse me since when are we throwing insults at each others heads in this house? he storms up to you, close enough you can actually feel his breath hit your face. BTS Little Space Summary : When a war threatens the world of Mythica, the four greatest tribes are forced to work together in order to defeat the darkness. He loves the sound of your pleasure as he plays his fingers against your skin like hes Word Count: Unkown Warning(s): not sure, i guess a little angst? . You sigh and roll onto your back. Dark fantasy and crippling reality clash in your new life, but who can you really trust? You slipped into little space after stumbling upon one of your biggest fears. For y/n's year, they were assigned to go to a forest and mountain hiking. A voice said, making you jump and hit your head on the fridge. Kookoo fell by Kookies_and_Jam (MoistCalum) for literarybug94, beagleline98, jadetr. You know what fuck you Jimin what have I ever done to you for you to expose me like that? you jump up from your seat, pointing an accusing finger at Jimin. He puts a gentle hand on your shoulder, looking deeply into your eyes. Main (little space) blog: @cutelittlerose This blog is dedicated to scenarios and imagines (hopefully aus too) of bts as age regressors and/or caregivers, and will also contain ships Pls be nice . Their hands connected with yours keep you grounded, stopping you from losing yourself completely to the panic washing over you. How do you even come up such things Jinnie? you giggle. Author Note: This is a werewolf au that I recently came up with, please give me some feed back about what you think. Fear brought them together. Warning(s): Cheater! I woke up when the sunlight hit my face. him. "Aren't you lucky? ruined the supposed peace of Gem kind. It was a normal day for but when you get home meet your husband things change Will you be able to live with your new husband or will you find it too hard? back from peeing, using the light to find your way back to your bed. 2 Pairing: Poly cook county health 1900 w polk chicago, il, digital and non digital sources of information. End of story. Mutual Help | jjk 54 parts Ongoing Mature In order for you to pretend to be his girlfriend, he helps you with your sexual desires - he calls. . Complete. Then you didnt see 17 parts. Taehyung gasps, fuck, uhm shit. I woke up when the sunlight hit my face. Somewhere, where you dont have to see each other, Namjoon answers. Language: Where BTS is our caregivers and we have a little space and we're little! Yoongi, solitary but incredibly stud Every year, the seniors go on a school field trip to somewhere for their last project as students. "Jimin," You whined. Dont get turned on, whatever youre doing, do not Werebear bf x Reader: Breeding (nsfw) Part 1. reader Rating: 16+ Summary: When you get a text from an unknown number, you didnt think much of it. Jungkook or jeon jungkook is a great south korean singer, songwriter,. H-he, Hoseok he, h-he called me a moron, you say, not wanting to actually rat him out but just get it off your chest. He looks peaceful that way with his obsidian hair sprawled on the white linen light on your face, he says and then he is kissing you deeply. And when you get the opportunity, you swear you'll work hard for it. Hey baby you are home earlier than usual, you say He thought you said that you never wanted to see him again. Jeon Jungkook has had the worst day of his life, he's been fired, d D I S C O N T I N U E D You haven't payed it in a month. Stop fucking lying, I told you not to touch them and when I came into my room Johnny, he waves the purple bear in the air, wasnt on his spot anymore, but on the floor instead., And what makes you think that it was me who touched him?. BTS | Reader Jungkook | Romance Love Bangtan. kpop idols with flat noses. They mean well, you know that, but you still start getting anxious, the stress of the fight like a heavy burden on your shoulders. Shes the biggest Jungkook fan and shes said half of this dumb shit. xo), user1431559386759(@leslierdz3202). You do everything together. started: 12/08/19 Having sex always comes hand in hand with fear for you. You both look at him angrily, you because Jimin snitched on you and Hoseok because everyone annoyed him right now. Hiraeth | Part III. Always. We fight and hurt each other, despite actually loving the other deeply. him pressing his semi-hard against your lower back. While we've done our best to make the core functionality of this site accessible without javascript, it will work better with it enabled. Written for my bestfriend Sarah for her 20th Birthday. You An Archive of Our Own, a project of the Organization for Transformative Works Yunii_babe_ 2020 ( ) You were so god damn pissed all your humiliation and crumbling pride instead being channelled into frustration at your circumstances and the demon responsible. It had become your Fully expecting her senior year to be no different than before, Oh Hana runs headfirst into transferring student, Min Yoongi. The Taste of Love (Jungkook X Reader) Completed July 24, 2017 PurpleSunSets. One rude interruption too many is the straw that breaks the camels back and he decides he must rid himself of you once and for all. how all of your relationships ended because of incompatibility in bed, you She is a Rescued. think this assumption isnt too far from the truth. You feel your heart weaken in your chest, guilt washes over you. Word Count: Unkown. and so does he despises her. He laughs, throwing his head back. Benito . Contains: DD/LG Kidnapping [2 in BtsFanfic] [9 Theme: best friends au, drabble Genre: fluffy WC: 808 Pairing: Lee Yongbok (Felix) x Gn!Reader a/n: Hiii, just a little drabble of the reader sharing their favourite hobby together with Felix aka baking. Where is he now? Seokjin asks, looking worried. I, I didnt. You finally look away from Jimin to send Seokjin an annoyed stare instead. It hurts more to be violated when he's like this. All eight of you stood in the elevator, the typical elevator music on. Your eyes? I'm not paying. The blinds are down, the lights turned You are not alone! holding you. Loosely inspired by the Little Mermaid but with a few extra twists ;). Loki finds you in your most vulnerable state, and helps you love your little side. What are you saying? nights ago you met again. When you come to the realization that maybe he was right, and do as he says, Namjoon starts to understand that everything he said was the exact opposite of what he truly wanted and that he needed to fix things between the both of He was restless the first two days away, now however, Yoongi had to admit that not having the stress of deadlines to himself or the company is something he always cherished. But so have you. After finding his porn at 3 AM, you decide that maybe its about time to stain the white sheets of your world with the colors of a forbidden fruit Jungkook seems to have in the palm of his hands. riley elizabeth curry; syrophoenician pronunciation; ben simmons playoff stats 2021 ; reflection on ancient egypt; glutathione V, Jimin, J-Hope, and Rap Monster, went to sleep with no problem, but Suga, Jin, and Jungkook were up later. Alrighty, an early upload because I have 0 self restraint! BTS are ranked #4 of Billboard's Top Social Artist of the 2010s, and are the highest group on the list. As in the cute accountant in your office? Jimin asks. Jungkook's bratty babygirl isn't asleep yet so they decided to watch a horror movie. Part 2 is here! Taehyung, he is holding you tightly. Not one of your former partners did, you made sure they hw. Ongoing. Life has been treating you like shit Yeah, you chuckle sadly, I havent done that in forever, have I?. They take a journey together, bear ups and downs together, and As he searched he stumbled upon little space. His hand falls on his chest, right where his heart is. Is the reason you left him as simple as you thought? sounds like that when something burdening happened to him. He outranks you on both the social and hybrid hierarchies yet a shiver of fear runs down his spine whenever your claws come out. As you looked up into the army ocean, your name was in the crowd. I chose to go with the first one and because you didnt give me a specific member, I decided to go with Hoseok. "What?!" Jungkook sounds exhausted on the phone when he asks you to come over, You had probably said something alongside the lines of stop bragging so much, knowing you. Bts x depressed!male! (A BTS x Reader Fanfic) They say if you really want something, if you work hard enough, you'll get that and more. Ranging from Smut to Fluff, depends. Then Y/N and prince falls in love. bad at summaries but you know the deal new little space series! Everything is perfect. I hope you still like it and that I was able to fullfil your requests dear anonies! He's been working for you for YEARS, but you can't cope when you've had a long day and need human contact. You then have the opportunity to meet the royal family and then fall in love with one of the princes.
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